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  Here are some of the implementation ideas related to the FRA Children's Book Award .

Each year, I make a bulletin board that says, “These Books Have Mrs. Joe’s Seal Of Approval. “ The Seal is our mascot!  Each book has a die cut award on it (I use the book jackets from the new FRA books); with a sticker that has the call letters.   Then I read each book to my K, 1, and 2 students over the course of the year until April.  I always try to read a certain book that may coincide with a holiday, time of year, etc.  I use puppets, costumes, props whatever, to get the children into the story. I try to follow up with an activity to go with the book, for instance, when we read, “There’s a Butterfly in My Stomach”   I sent a letter home with the children telling the parents we had read this book about idioms and asking them to have their children tell them about idioms.  They had a picture of a butterfly to color and wrote a statement that said, “I get butterflies in my stomach when…………. As a new book is introduced, I hold up the old books and ask them to think about that story.  When it is time to vote in April, we have our own little voting booth.  I have each book lined up with a big manila envelope under it with a picture of the book on the front.  Each child is given a token and they go into the booth and drop their token into the envelope of their choice.  When they exit, they get an I Voted sticker.  I have found that this makes counting the votes much easier.  After the voting is over, I put all of the books on the shelves for the children to check out.  I never tell them where to find the book; they just look at the bulletin board for the call letters!

Lenita J. Joe, Media Specialist
Sealey Elementary Math and Science Magnet School

Each year I read aloud the new FRA books to primary students during media time. I read a different book to K, 1, 2   so that I am not reading the same book fifteen times each week.  I find 1-3 small objects that represent each book; I keep them  in my FRA basket.   Before I read a new book, I pull out the "old objects" and students tell me what book they represent. This keeps all the titles fresh in their minds.  After I've read a new title, I ask students to suggest suitable objects to represent it--then I show them what I've selected and add them to the basket.  Many of the books lend themselves to extension activities--first graders grew beans for "Thea's Tree"  and k students sipped green tea after they shared a class collage they made in art of one of the scenes from "Listen to the Wind". I collaborate with art & music with at least one of the titles each year. I always choose one book that lends itself to beginning research for 2nd grade.  Last year, students researched one of the trees from "The Happiness Tree" and made lovely seed mosaics.  I always highlight vibrant vocabulary and as the weeks go by, I add questions to character, setting, theme, or vocabulary  cans from which students pick out a few questions for each class. Then after hearing all 8 books read aloud, students vote for their favorite book. First we play Jeopardy (based on questions from the cans) and FRA Bingo (the boards are made from the picture ballot on the FRA Website).  K students vote using the picture ballot.  1st and 2nd graders vote electronically using a survey on my school media page. 
Rose Kelly, DeSota Trail Elem.  Tallahassee, FL

In my school of about 900 students, I purchase 3 copies of each FRA title. I put a set a in box and rotate the boxes with a ballot between the  teachers in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. I collect the ballots,then submit the vote from our school prior to the voting deadline.  This allows students to hear the stories over a shorter period, to help them make a better selection of which book they think is best.  Also, it introduces teachers to new titles. 
Roberta Mann
, retired, Tallahassee, FL

If you have an implementation idea that you would like to share, please submit it to cba@flreads.org. 



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