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To: Persons interested in obtaining ad space, Advertising Managers, or Advertising Departments.

Inquiries for space or information may be sent to Susan Wegmann, editor The Florida Reading Journal 
(TIN # 23 - 7015912) email:  frjeditor@flreads.org 

FRA Publication Advertising Order Form (pdf)

Space for advertising is available in quarter page, half page, full page, and centerfold (two page layout).

Deadlines for Submission:

It is very important that all deadlines be met and that information (LEGIBLE names, addresses, phone/fax numbers, camera ready copy, payment, etc.) is sent to the correct person. Delays complicate getting the Journal to press on time. The deadlines for the submission of advertisements for upcoming editions of The Florida Reading Journal are:

  • January 1, for the February Issue
  • May 1, for the June Issue
  • July 1, for the Conference Program
  • September 1, for the October Issue

Format Requirements:
Formatting necessities require that ads for The Florida Reading Journal be formatted as follows:

  • Preferred: PDF format sized to fit the ad space on the page, with all fonts embedded and saved at 300 dpi.
    • Or if the final size is not known, or subject to change from one issue to the next, we would need the files saved in their native format (i.e. Illustrator, Quark, etc.) with all fonts and graphics included within the same folder.
    • Camera ready is also acceptable (uncompressed tiff format preferred).

Send an electronic version of the ad(s) to Susan Wegmann at the following e-mail address:   frjeditor@flreads.org 

Thank you for all your cooperation and help.
Susan Wegmann & Taylar Clements, editors
The Florida Reading Journal

Advertising Rates and Sizes:
Space for advertising is available in quarter page, half page, full page, and centerfold (two page layout).

Layout Single issue Full year Conference issue only
Full page
6 l/2"w X 8"h
$235.00(issue) 4 issues 235x4=940-10%=$846 .00 $285.00 (single insertion)
Half page
6 l/2"w X 4"h
$120.00(issue) 4 issues 120x4=480-10%=$432.00 $170.00 (single insertion)
Quarter page
6 l/2"w X 2"h
$90.00(issue) 4 issues 90x 4=360-10%=$324.00 $100.00 (single insertion)
Back cover outside
6 l/2"w X 5"h
$370.00 (issue) 4 issues 370x4=1480-10%=$1332.00 $445.00 (single insertion)
13"w X 8"h
$545.00(issue) 4 issues 545x4=2100-10%=$1970.00 $645.00 (single insertion)

A promotional discount, 10%, is available to those advertisers who commit to advertise (display ads only - full page, 1/2 page or 1/4 page) in all four published issues from FRA. The display ads must be of the same size and paid for in advance.

Send the completed form with checks made payable to :
FL Reading Journal
C/O: Dr. Evan Lefsky, FRA Advertising and Exhibits coordinator, 201 West Burleigh Blvd., Tavares, FL 32778.

When payment has been approved send camera ready ads to:
Ruth Sylvester:  ruthsylv@poly.usf.edu 

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