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Check out these Great Reading Websites!

This is a list assembled by teachers across the state. FRA is passing this information on for you to use. 
Do you have sites for teachers we can add to this page?

Big Chalk            www.bigchalk.com

The Reading Lady            www.readinglady.com

Lexile                              www.lexile.com

Teach a Child To Read        www.succeedtoread.com

Sites For Teachers        www.sitesforteachers.com

Reading Comprehension Strategies Toolbox
Free online tutorials for 11 reading strategies grades 3-5, K-2 strategies in separate index, Free reading comprehension & activity worksheets, Integrated units, Arctic Unit reading comprehension & activity sheets.    

Comprehension Strategies
Strategies to improve reading
comprehension. For all ages.

Summer Reading Lists on the Web    www.educationworld.com/a_curr/curr244.shtml

Kid's Bookshelf (has a game room)    www.kidsbookshelf.com/

Riverbank Review            www.riverbankreview.com/thanks.html

Kid's Lit            www.kid-lit.com/search.htm

Teaching With Books        www.teachingbooks.net/

The Reading Corner        www.carr.org/read/

Literature Learning Ladders    www.eduscapes.com/ladders/

MI Kids        www.mikids.com/

Cyberguides:  Teacher Guides and Student Activities  www.sdcoe.k12.co.us/score/cyberguide.html

Book Links What's New?        www.ala.org/BookLinks/whatsnew.html

Scholastic            www.scholastic.com

Eduhound        www.eduhound.com

Edupuppy        www.edupuppy.com

To create a classroom website:
TeacherWeb        www.teacherweb.com

Brain Research/Layered Curriculum        www.brains.org

Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT). The FCIT, located at the University of South Florida, contains a searchable database of over 225 technology-related lesson plans developed by Florida teachers for grades 4-12. The collection, known as T'NT (Technology 'Nformation for Teachers), includes plans for a variety of subject areas including language arts. Teachers can search for lesson plans by grade level, subject, or keyword.

Jan Brett's Home Page. Jan Brett's Home Page provides a number classroom resources for the primary grades. Piggybacks for Teachers contain lesson plans and projects to accompany Jan Brett's popular books, the alphabet sheets can be printed and displayed together as a letter line or used separately as flash cards, and the activities folder offers a collection of coloring pages for use with her books.

Teacher's Lounge. Teacher's Lounge contains a collection of over 25 teaching guides (lesson plans) for elementary school children's books published by Simon and Shuster. Each printable guide includes discussion questions, writing exercises, and research projects

A to Z Teacher Stuff. A to Z Teacher Stuff features a collection of lesson plans submitted by teachers for grades K-12. To find over 500 online lesson plans for children's literature arranged by book title, click here. To find over 400 online units organized by theme, click here or organized alphabetically, click here. For a collection of lesson plans submitted by teachers, click here, and for pages to go with the lessons as well as links to sites with printable pages, click on reproducibles.

Great Search Engines:

Mamma        www.mamma.com

Google        www.google.com


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