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Classroom Action Research Awards

Florida Reading Association
Marilyn F. Sharp Classroom Action Research Award

The Florida Reading Association (FRA) is interested in stimulating teacher-conducted classroom research throughout the state of Florida. To accomplish this goal, FRA awards grants of up to $500 for research projects conducted by full-time classroom teachers employed in public or private schools in the state of Florida.

The award covers non-salary expenses connected with the classroom teacher’s research project. Teachers may apply for a research grant at any time by submitting a typewritten PROPOSAL FOR RESEARCH. The guidelines for preparing this proposal are listed below.

Application Form | Proposal Outline Format

Send a digital copies (or email MS Word or RTF format) of the Classroom Action Research Proposal to the Studies & Research Committee Chairperson (srcc@flread.hostcentric.com) as listed in The Florida Reading Quarterly (Winter issue) of the FRA Directory, or at www.FLReads.org.

The FRA Studies and Research Committee review proposals. Proposals received by August 1 will be considered for award by September 30. Proposals received by January 1 will be considered for award by February 28. Researchers will be notified of the action taken on their proposals. A report of progress will be due to FRA Studies and Research Committee by March 1 for September awards and September 1 for January awards. Upon completion of the project submit a Final Report to the Studies and Research Committee.

Final Report Outline Format

Recipients of awards will submit a brief report of their research for possible publication in The Florida Reading Quarterly and will be given an opportunity to present their findings at the Studies and Research Symposium at the Annual Conference of the Florida Reading Association. The award winners will be presented with a plaque at the FRA Annual Conference.


Research grants are awarded according to the following schedule of payment:
60% of request upon approval of the proposal,
40% of request upon submission of the final written report.
Final distribution of funds must be requested within one year from the initiation or implementation date.

Action Research Style Guide

Action Research Proposal Format

  1. Name, address, phone number, and email of researcher(s).
  2. Name, address, and phone number of the school where employed.
  3. Designated teaching assignment.
  4. Title of research project.
  5. Purpose of research project. This is a brief statement explaining the question that will be answered by the research study. Researchers should elaborate upon what brought this question to their attention.
  6. Materials to be used in the study (instructional materials, test, or other items).
  7. Teaching and testing procedures to be followed. (This is a step-by-step presentation of what will be done. Be sure to number each step and carefully and completely explain procedures.)
  8. Testing procedures for results. (This is an explanation of how the differences will be tested or observed by the researcher.)
  9. Projected budget with a brief summary and list of expenditures.
  10. Anticipated completion date.
  11. A letter from the researchers principal granting permission to do the research (REQUIRED). Other supporting letters as the researcher deems necessary may also be attached.
  12. Plans for dissemination of results in addition to the award agreements noted in the flyer.

Action Research Final Report Format

  • 1. Title of research Project
  • 2. Name, school, email address, and contact number
  • 3. Focus Statement: (Introduction/Purpose)
  • 4. Literature Review
  • 5. Variables of this Research:
  • 6. Research Questions:
  • 7. Approach:
  • 8. Negotiations/Collaboration:
  • 9. Timeline:
  • 10. Data Collection:
  • 11. Data Analysis interpretation:
  • 12. Action Plan that has emerged from your research: (Future/Next)
  • 13. My reaction of doing this Action Research project:
  • 14. Networking/ Dissemination:
  • 15. Supporting Documents: (Appendix)

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