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Reading Question Cards

Welcome to the Reading Question Cards. You can use these cards with reading activities such as literature circles, book clubs, reading discussion groups, or just to enhance a student's daily reading. There are both fiction and non-fiction cards

Here you can either use the on-screen random card generator or download the cards for printing in your classroom.

To use the online question card generator click on one of the icons to the left.

  • The non-fiction icon will randomly generate a card with a question for either non-fiction or biography.

  • The fiction icon will generate a card with a question about the story, plot, theme, characters, or about the reader's thoughts.

If you want to print your own question cards to use in a classroom, download the question-card sheets from below (in PDF format), then print them out onto card stock paper. If you want to have the card backs, re-print your card sheets with the cardback-fiction and cardback-nonfiction PDFs so that the cardback images are on the opposite side of your question cards. Next cut out your cards and it is really helpful if you want to keep using them to seal them in some way, such as laminating them.

Question cards for book discussions.
Download the: Fiction Question Cards | cardback-fiction |
Non-Fiction Question Cards | cardback-nonfiction

Thanks to Dr. Cavanaugh and his educational technology class for creating the question cards, to to Lisa Dooley-Rufle for the questions, and to MorgueFile for the images. The question cards were created using Trading Card Creator from BigHugeLabs.